To be recognized as the leading brand among organizations which value customers by providing them with world-class cooling solutions and offering strong customer care.


To be the favored choice of clients through our understanding of their needs, deliver high quality, and unparalleled convenience. To attain consistent product innovation that drives company revenues and contributes to the national economy. To empower our employees, enabling them to develop the right aptitude and attitude for proficient career advancement. To build lasting relationships with our partners by looking after mutual interests.

About Us:

Ace Metal (pvt.) ltd. has specialized in the manufacturing of replacement cooling system for all type of vehicle especially big truck, traller, agricultural, & industrial applications for over 05 years. Our quality products are the best in the market and are designed to meet or exceed the standards set by the original equipment manufacturers. With comprehensive product testing and quality validation, Ace Metals Pvt. Ltd has emerged as one of the top radiators provider within the industry. We offer an extensive range of products and are committed to meet every heating related requirement of our customer.


We aim to facilitate the automobile industries as a radiator manufacturer, especially in after-sales markets. We are producing the copper & brass alloy radiator core for all types of vehicles. We are also capable and currently producing the radiator core for all type of gen-set. We enable our client requirements through providing quality products pitching the most highly efficient plant with innovative types of equipment & techniques. We are the pioneers in producing heavy-duty in-line type radiator core especially MTZ Belarus tractor in our country. Our radiator core is insured & tested with reliability & excellent cooling efficiency within a reasonable price.

Meet the Dream

We focus on minimizing harmful emissions and maximizing the industry’s positive effects by focusing on sustainable business practices

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